Why conduct a census?

The goal of a census is to visit each and every residence in the country to gain not only a broad, but also a precise “snapshot” of conditions in the Faroes in 2011.

By conducting a census, it is possible to get a complete picture of the country and thereby carry out meaningful comparisons and statistical studies. All the information gathered will only be used for statistical purposes and nothing else. The United Nations has encouraged all countries in the world to conduct a census. Such an effort enables us to gain knowledge about conditions the world over. Nearly every country in the world has conducted or plans to conduct a census.

The United Nations has recommended that the various censuses be carried out as close to 2010 as possible. In the Faroes, the census will be in November 2011. The United Nations has recommended as well that all countries try to conduct a census every ten years.

The first census in the Faroes was held in 1769 and there have been 27 censuses since. Each census provides all of us a unique ”snapshot” of life in the Faroes at a particular time and at the same time offers us a glimpse into how the Faroe Islands has changed over the years. The last census in the Faroes was conducted in 1977.

In a way, conducting a census is part of our ongoing responsibility toward the future generations.

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