When, where and who shall be counted?

The census shall be carried out on 11 November 2011 and shall occur at the same time throughout the country.  All are required to complete the census questionnaire.

Every individual household will be sent a census questionnaire. 

The questionnaire is divided into three parts:  one about the residence or dwelling, one about the household itself and one about the persons in the household.

Several days after the household has been sent the census questionnaire, a census collector will come by to collect the questionnaire.  At that time, one may ask for help to complete the questionnaire.

Everyone resident or present in the Faroe Islands on Friday, 11 November 2011 will be counted.  In order to characterise a “household” in the Faroes, people will be counted where they live, not where they are registered in the National Resident Registry.

The census is not concerned with who or where people are registered in the National Registry, but just where people live.  A very important aspect of a census is that no information ‘floats’ away.  A census is absolutely confidential and therefore no notice is ever given suggesting that a person lives someplace other than where he or she is registered in the National Registry.

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