Everything is confidential

All information collected during a census will only be used for statistical purposes.

All information obtained during a census is handled in complete confidentiality.  Any personal information is stored safely by Statistics Faroe Islands and the data gathered cannot be shared with any other governmental authorities or agencies, except in the form of abstracted, anonymous statistical data.

Statistics Faroe Islands is not permitted to provide information or figures by which an individual resident could be known or otherwise recognized.  Moreover, no specific household or residence may be identified in the statistical data.

All the questionnaires and related documentation are stored under the strictest control.  All the work related to the census questionnaires is carried out in complete compliance with the Act on the Census enacted by the Parliament.

Those that work with the census questionnaires are subject to strict confidentiality requirements and they are required to archive them securely and under no circumstances are they permitted to take them home.  All census collectors are also subject to confidentiality by law.  

The census questionnaires shall eventually be delivered to the National Archive for storage and safekeeping,  pursuant to the current legislation governing the National Archi



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